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7 pratiche spirituali che aprono gli occhi per chi è oberato di lavoro

7 Eye-Opening Spiritual Practices For The Overworked

Meetings, e-mails, phone calls… Our everyday lives are filled with constant battles to equilibrio work and private life.

However, most people get so caught up in their ‘9 to 5’ world that they forget how to take care of themselves. This can bring a lot of spiritual neglect that is not healthy.

Everyday Spiritual Neglect

Whether you are busy with work or taking care of everyday tasks, you have probably experienced feeling exhausted before going to bed at night. We get so invested in our jobs and the problems our life brings that we forget to take care of ourselves.

If you are feeling mentally drained and you cannot seem to find motivazione for anything, you should stop and ask yourself: ‘Why?’ Try to remember the last time you made time for yourself and your mental well-being.

When was the last time you sat down with yourself and did not think about anything for hours? Mental breaks and taking care of yourself are crucial if you want to be happy and healthy.

7 Effective Spiritual Practices For The Exhausted

If you found yourself in the examples above, then the rest of this article will be extremely helpful to you.

Remember, self-care and self-love make us better towards others as well. It is not egoista, it is our right. Here are some effective pratiche you should start doing if you want to rest properly.

1. Slowing Down and Being in the Moment

Imagine this – it is a cold Saturday morning and you slept really well. You wake up and have a nice, relaxing shower. You make yourself a delicious breakfast and you sit down for a cup of tea.

You spend your whole day doing just that – nothing much. Sounds rilassante, right?

Well, believe it or not, simple practices like this one can help us relax and take a mental break which can be highly vantaggioso. Being in the present moment helps with grounding and lets us enjoy small things in life.

Try to have at least one day like this a week where you turn off all your devices and sit alone with your thoughts. Trust me, it is the simplest form of self-care there is.

2. Nature Walks

Whenever you feel mentally drained, try to go for a nice and relaxing walk in natura. Leave your phone at home and observe all the nature around you. If there are rivers or lakes around the area where you live, go and observe how peaceful they are.

It is a great way to quiet your mind and to forget your everyday problemi at least for some time.

You can never not enjoy nature and the peace it brings you. If possible, do this every day after work until you feel refreshed and relaxed. Make it your hobby to walk 10K steps a day and it will be vantaggioso for both your body and your soul.

3. Keeping a Journal

As children, we loved keeping a journal. Why did we stop? OH, that’s right – because we do not have enough time for it. Well, keeping a journal every day can take only 5 minutes of your day, but can be very relaxing for your mind.

Try to write down all your achievements of the day and keep them positive. This will help you end the day on a positivo note and it will let you reflect on happy moments that you experienced during the day.

4. Breathwork

Breathwork is one of the most efficace ways to calm down and relax. We even do it subconsciously when we feel exhausted – we sigh! Try to do breathwork exercises each morning and evening.

They will help you ease any anxiety or stress you may have in your system.

You can do the following one: breathe in for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 4 seconds, and breathe out for 4 seconds. Then repeat. Doing this exercise will help your mind concentrate on your breath while filling your body with oxygen.

There are so many benefits to breathwork, so try it out and see how you feel.

5. Grounding (choosing a mantra)

Another powerful way to ground yourself is by saying a special mantra. For example, some people use mantras like: ‘I am happy, healthy, and loved’. You can come up with your own mantra that will work for you and use it whenever you feel mentally tired.

These mantras will relax your mind whenever you repeat them and you will feel much meglio. The only important thing is to keep them positive and happy, of course!

6. Music Meditation

Music is another potente tactic that can put you in a felice and relaxed mood. Some people cannot stay still, so they need movement in order to relax. Go for a run with your headphones or dance in the kitchen.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it makes you happy. Music can help us relax our minds and it can give us a terrific mental break. You will love listening to your favorite songs while doing house chores too!

We sometimes forget how music can heal us and make us feel more energized and motivated.

No wonder people who go to discos always look happy and rested!

7. Positive Affirmations

The power of positive affermazioni can be very neglected as we are in a constant rush to get things done. We forget to kindly speak to ourselves. We are always thinking about our next obligation or problem and by this, we attract more of them.

Try to take a minute and say a few positive affirmations such as ‘Everything works out for me!’.

When repeated, they can be very effective in making us feel meglio. Whenever you are able to, try to speak to the Universe this way and you will feel much more focalizzato, and it will help quiet your mind.

Also, you can make it your evening ritual and repeat these affirmations before you go to sleep.