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Last Reincarnation: 5 Signs You Are An Awakened Soul

Last Reincarnation: 5 Signs You Are An Awakened Soul

If you believe in reincarnation, you have probably heard many terms regarding it and you may be familiar with the concept of ‘the last reincarnation‘.

There are many signs that your soul is living your last reincarnation, and some of them may surprise you.

Reincarnation: Why Do Souls Come Back?

Reincarnation is a belief that souls travel through different lifetimes, through different generations and bodies. You may hear someone jokingly say: ‘In the next life, I want to be reincarnated as a spoiled house cat!’.

This means that our souls have lived past lives and they are back in another form, inhabiting our body. But why do souls come back? It is a complex question that has a simple answer.

Souls who come back carry unresolved issues. For example, in your past life, you may have died while living a life driven by ego. Your soul never got a chance to grow or truly awake spiritually.

You may have died during a toxic and negative state of mind, or obsessed with a materialistic world. Also, you may have died doing terrible acts towards other souls.

Whatever the reason, your past lives did not accommodate your soul and it did not grow or get to know its true self. There are many unresolved burdens that can last for many lifetimes.

If you are your soul’s last stop, then you are the one who will resolve them, and you will live a life that will be led by your soul, not your ego.

The Importance of Awakening

When you are awakened, your soul learns what is important in life. You let go of your ego and you start to enjoy little things in life. You no longer compare yourself to others and you live a fulfilled life.

However, this is not easy to achieve – and your past lives know it too well! In order to resolve all toxic beliefs we may be carrying from our childhood or past lives, we need to get to know ourselves.

We need to know what makes us happy and how we can help others. We need to be free of all prejudices and negative beliefs.

During your life, you will face many obstacles and challenges, but these are what make you human and what makes you grow.

When you come to peace with who you are and how to deal with all these problems, you will become evolved, awakened, and detached – and that is the true meaning of spiritual awakening.

Once you are awakened, your soul will deal with all the burdens from your past lives and it will no longer need to return.

5 Signs You Are Living Your Last Reincarnation

Here are the top five signs this is your last reincarnation and your soul is awakened.

1. Strong Sense of Purpose

You feel a strong sense of who you are and what your purpose is on this Earth. You are confident in what you do and you do it regardless of the obstacles.

For example, people who are excellent at their jobs or people who are helping others and feel a strong sense of fulfillment have a strong sense of purpose.

It is not a problem if you have not found it yet – some people find their purpose later in life. They become valuable members of society after they retire from their soul-draining jobs.

However, if you start feeling purposeful from a young age, it is even bigger proof of your soul being awakened.

2. Strong Sense of Inner-Peace

When you achieve inner peace, you are accepting everything life has to offer. You do not become too emotional to problems and obstacles, you let all your problems develop and pass without becoming too attached to them.

Detachment is a powerful tool for spiritual growth as it does not cling to events, people, or places. It helps us realize that everything passes and nothing is temporary.

When you achieve this level of inner peace, you become magnetic to others and you are sometimes in a position to guide those in need. It may be a sign this is your last reincarnation as your soul is complete.

3. Wisdom Beyond Your Years

alone-in-natureHave you ever heard parents talking about their children and how mature and wise they were for their age? Or have you felt like ‘an old soul’ while hanging out with your friends?

This is a normal occurrence when a soul has traveled through several lifetimes and it already carries much wisdom as well as burdens to this lifetime.

This can be a sign that your soul is old and tired, and you may experience flashbacks from previous lives. For example, you may look at photos of people living in the previous century, and feel ‘at home‘, as if you belong there.

4. Settlement Of Karmic Debts

If you feel like your karmic debts are paid off and you no longer feel like hurting others, letting others hurt you, or creating situations for a new karmic energy, you may be on your last reincarnation.

Usually, it is the karmic debts that are the reasons why souls return and seek revenge. We may need to do a lot of forgiving and being forgiven is a huge factor as well.

Karmic partners are also a big lesson as they teach us how to love ourselves and what love truly is.

5. Detachment From Materialism

Living a life driven by materialistic satisfaction is a life driven by ego. When you see people who only brag about things they have and not what they are, it is a sign of a not awakened soul.

Souls that achieve awakening know how unimportant the materialistic world is. They know that deep inside, our souls and our hearts are what we should invest in, not cars, apartments, handbags, and clothes.

Also, it is not unusual for people who have had it all (materialistically) in their youth, to seek simplicity and spiritual minimalism when they get older. this means they realized that not everything is in the wealth, but the true wealth lies in ourselves.

This recognition is also a sign this could be your last reincarnation.