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5 Reasons Why Guardian Angels Sometimes Abandon Us

5 Reasons Why Guardian Angels Sometimes Abandon Us

Yes, sometimes our guardian angels withdraw their protection.

They abandon us – though not in the literal sense of the word.

Yet, we feel their absence. And it makes every challenge all the more difficult to bear.

Angels would never do anything to harm us or impede our spiritual journey.

So, there’s always a good reason behind their absence.

Which one? That’s what we’re here to help you figure out.

5. Trial by Fire

There’s something divinely comforting about our angels’ presence.

They’re always there, ready to pick you up whenever you fall.

Most of the time, you don’t even notice their protection. It’s smooth sailing. The waters are calm. Sure, there’s stress to get through, but there’s nothing scary on the horizon.

Everything’s rosy and you’re strolling through life with a smile.

But that’s not how we grow. It’s not how we learn.

We learn by facing and overcoming challenges – through pain, hardship, and suffering.

Sometimes, our angels retreat to test our strength and resilience.

And their absence usually brings about challenges.

But don’t be afraid. Your angels would never give you a challenge you can’t handle.

So, find your inner strength. Harness it.

Trust that you’re capable of overcoming anything life throws your way.

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4. A Wake-Up Call

Speaking of smooth sailing, a calm and stress-free life often breeds complacency.

And if anything can kill spiritual progress – it’s precisely that.

Complacency is an illusion that keeps you rooted in place.

It tricks you. It convinces you that there’s no more potential to tap into.

You’ve peaked. You’ve accepted life as it is – whether good or bad.

You no longer take risks. You’ve abandoned your hobbies and passions

And that can prompt angels to remove their protection and step aside.

And when that happens, things quickly spiral out of control.

The bubble bursts and you’re suddenly catapulted headfirst into chaos.

You lose control over your life – over yourself. And it can get pretty scary.

This is a wake-up call. It’s your guardian angels reminding you to stay mindful.

As soon as this happens, it’s important to take action. It’s necessary to show initiative.

The sooner you act, the sooner your angels intervene to help you restore stability.

3. A Test of Faith


Faith is often rocked during times of hardship.

Things are falling apart and you’re struggling to understand why.

During times like these, our angels can take a step back and observe intently.

In other words, they aim to test your faith – your resolve – and strengthen it.

The only way to overcome these challenges is to find your inner strength.

And that’s never easy when every obstacle you face seems insurmountable.

But the path before you leads to self-betterment. To spiritual growth.

It demands patience. Perseverance. And resilience.

But, above all, it demands trust.

Show your angels and the divine forces above that nothing can break you – that nothing, no matter how difficult, can rock your faith. Let the challenges you face lead to growth.

2. To Face Consequences

Every action (yes, even inaction) has consequences.

Sure, you can try to escape them. Some people are surprisingly good at it.

But no matter how elusive you are, sooner or later, they catch up to you.

And, sometimes, it’s because your angels have withdrawn their protective barrier.

This makes you spiritually vulnerable and susceptible to negative outcomes.

But there’s only one thing you can and should do: face the consequences head-on.

It’s meant to be hard. But how you withstand the blow determines your growth.

You either learn from it – or it crushes you.

Take responsibility and watch how quickly the angels return to your side.

1. To Redirect Our Path

Sooner or later, you’ll stray from the right path. It’s inevitable. It happens to everyone.

Life gets hard and we lose or question our faith.

We get distracted. We fall victim to vile desires.

You turn to your angels to help you. But not because you want to change – but because you want them to make things better for you. But it’s their absence that provides direction.

The only way to regain their protection and support is to turn things around yourself.

And the angels aren’t asking you to move the world.

Just one tiny little change makes a world of difference.

So, start small. A meaningful life consists of numerous small, wise decisions.

One foot on the spiritual path – one step – and the angels will do the rest.

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