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É preciso divertir-se e rir para se sentir bem

You Need Fun And Laughter To Feel Good

People are very focused on their goals, obligations, and work. It’s good to be devoted and responsible, but most of us forget how to have fun. Most of us can’t remember when was the last time we laughed too hard.

Laughter is one of the best medicines around for relieving stress and for creating a more healthy spirit. And, one of the greatest aspects is that it is totally free and can be done by anyone. – Byron Pulsifer

Finding Pure Joy Again – 3 Reasons To Laugh And Have Fun

Many people have it all. They’re doing great in every area of their lives.

They don’t have anything to complain anything. They say they’re happy and satisfied.

The truth is – they forgot what happiness is. They forget that their soul feels empty all the time.

Besides love, spiritual work, and self-work, laughing and having time are crucial for people’s joy.

It’s so amazing when you simply exist. It’s amazing when you feel happy without any great reason.

When you laugh, you feel so good and pure. You feel all the blessings and luck around you.

When you have fun, you’re reminding yourself that every moment in life counts. Every small thing is essential to feel complete.

Unfortunately, most people ignore all of this, and they think that having fun and laughing are a waste of time.

They think that all of this is useless. Well, in most cases, laughing and having fun won’t bring you any money or success, but it will bring you a sense of belonging.

Life isn’t about accomplishment and wealth. It’s not about having things in order.

Life is about feeling the essence of pure happiness inside your heart and soul.

Besides obvious reasons why laughter and fun are good for you, let’s mention a few other reasons too.

1. Reduces Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Laughing and having fun will improve your mood, but it will also improve your mental state.

If you embrace the importance of laughter and fun, you will help yourself to heal.

You won’t feel depressed, anxious, and stressed. You will feel less worried.

Laughter and fun will help you see the other side of life. You will be reminded that there is more to life.

There are so many things that can fix your mind and body. There are so many things that can bring you hope and freedom.

It may seem impossible to laugh and have fun when you feel awful, but you have to push yourself.

For starters, try to watch some funny videos or movies. Find a good sitcom and try to relax.

After a while, you will see that it’s possible to unwind. You will see that it’s possible to make your day a little better.

Try to do some fun things with friends. Play some sports or some games and just be adventurous.

Don’t talk about complex things. Try to create a good atmosphere.

It will be a little weird in the beginning, but it will be worth it. Don’t hide your intentions.

Tell your friends that it’s your goal to have more fun in life, and they will be on board. People need fun and laughter.

2. Boosts Your Optimism

A few moments of laughter and fun seem irrelevant to your future.

But, every moment in life counts. Every moment can change your life forever.

Fun and laughter will make you feel better instantly, but they can also change your attitude toward life.

When you remind yourself that life is beautiful and that all those small things can make a difference, you will feel more positive.

You will feel like life can be great. You won’t feel the need to complicate things.

You will understand the beauty of simplicity and joy. Your newfound optimism will help you with everything in your life.

You will have a stronger spirit. You will have better relationships. You will realize all of your dreams.

Your positive energy is fueled by simple things. Love, laughter, fun, and sharing are beautiful.

3. Helps You To Distract Yourself

Sometimes you struggle with bad things in life, and you know that it will take time to fix everything.

You feel sad and broken. You will like that this negative chapter will never end.

Well, make some time to laugh and have fun, and you will distract yourself from your problems.

Maybe this seems wrong, but we all need a break from time to time. We all need something that will give us the strength to keep pushing.

Some people will call you selfish but don’t listen to them. You’re just a human and you deserve to have a good time.

You deserve to forget about all the troubles for a moment.

Try to remember that life isn’t just about work and problems. It’s also about happiness and enjoyment.

You were created to be happy. You need laughter and fun to feel fulfilled.

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When you feel like it’s impossible to feel complete and alive again, you have to remind yourself that it’s all about small changes.

If you want to find pure joy again, you don’t have to do something extraordinary.

You don’t have to accomplish all of your goals. You don’t have to finish all of your responsibilities. You don’t need a perfect life to feel joyful.

A simple laugh and a moment of fun will make a huge difference in your life. You will feel so energized and inspired by something so small and unnoticeable.

This is why you have to focus on everything in your life. Life is not about grand things only.

There is something in those everyday things that can warm up your heart and soul.

The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed. – Bennett Cerf