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Soul Families: 9 Signs Someone You Met Belongs In Your Soul Group

Soul Families: 9 Signs Someone You Met Belongs In Your Soul Group

Have you ever met a group of people or someone who you felt instantly connected to and it seemed like you have always known each other?

Their presence makes you happy and you could talk to them for hours. This means that you may have met people who belong to your soul family.

What are some signs that differentiate soul family members from good friends?

What Are Soul Families?

A Soul Family is made up of people with whom you naturally resonate on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels.

These individuals belong to the same “Soul family“, or a ‘Spirit group‘ as you, and the bond you share with them is incredibly strong.

It usually surpasses the limits of time and space, making you feel as if you have always known them. Most people describe this connection as sharing the same “frequência” or “vibração” due to the profound harmony they feel when together.

This deep and harmonious connection goes beyond just having similar attitudes toward life, interests, hobbies, or opinions. It’s a powerful magnetic and spiritual bond that you can sometimes hardly explain.

Your Soul Family is often described as being made of souls that come from the same “energetic cloth” as you, making you a group that feels like one person.

This feeling of união goes beyond friendship as you can sometimes read each other’s minds and can feel their emotions without them telling you.

What Is A Soul Family’s Purpose In Your Life?

A Soul Family has its purpose in people’s lives. The members of your Soul Family will always appear in your life when you least expect them and you will be shocked at how similar they are to you.

Their biggest role in your life is to change you for the better. They come to you so you can learn from them and they usually teach you important life lessons.

These lessons usually involve self-reflection, inner work, and learning about love. Soulmates are also a part of your soul family but they are intimately connected to you, not just emotionally and spiritually.

Signs You Met Someone From Your Soul Family

Existem alguns sinais that indicate we met a person who belongs to our Soul Family.

Next time you meet a new friend, try to go through this list and see if they are truly a member of your Soul Family.

1. Deep eye contact

olhos azuis-irisMeeting someone who is a part of your Soul Family is always a positive experience. One of the signs that you are made of the same ‘spiritual cloth’ is a deep eye contact that feels natural.

You may start talking to this person at a bar and you will immediately be cativado by their eyes and how spiritual they look.

You will be able to keep eye contact for a longer period of time, not even realizing you are doing it.

It may even feel íntimo e espiritual, but those are normal feelings you may experience when looking into someone’s ‘windows to a soul’.

2. They are not Ego Centric but Soul Centric

The person you meet, who you may suspect is a member of your Soul Family, is going to be someone who puts their ego aside when they are with you.

They will not talk about materialista things with you, their achievements, or job titles. They will not brag about cars, vacations, or clothes.

Quite the contrary, you will talk about deeper topics that usually revolve around happiness, art, love, spirituality, and the Universe.

These people will provoke you to think harder, to feel better, and to listen carefully to what they have to say. They are ensino you about your spirit and your soul, so you will always feel at home with them.

3. You simply ‘understand’ each other

Members of your Soul Family will always talk to you about complex topics and you will always understand them. Also, when you talk to them about complex feelings and opinions, they will simply ‘get it‘.

This is because they mostly have the same opinions on everything – from spirituality to politics. They will always listen to you, give you advice, and never expect anything in return.

They simply understand everything you have been through as well because they have gone through similar experiências.

Do not try to overcomplicate sentences when you are with them because they probably already know what your point is even before you make it.

The beauty in this relationship is feeling each other’s souls even when you are not together and you can feel what the other person thinks.

4. There is a magnetic attraction

The magnetic attraction can be both physical and mental. When you feel a physical attraction to someone from your Soul Family, they could be your soulmate. These will be people we will marry and they will make us happy and secure.

If the attraction is mental then it means they are our Soul Family members who we compreender e amor deeply. These mental attractions can be to the way someone thinks or to the way someone behaves.

However, do not confuse mental attraction to someone with a toxic bond with someone. Sometimes we are in toxic relationships and we think that others’ way of thinking excites us, when in fact we are just led by our ego.

Estes toxic attractions usually do not feel calm and secure.

5. You feel as if you have always known them

passar tempo juntosHave you ever met someone that felt familiar to the point you are convinced you met before? After a short period of time, you realize that you never actually met them but your souls seem like they have known each other forever.

This is because almas are here longer than our bodies and they may have met before in previous lifetimes. They may have grown together or could have been lovers.

However, these souls are members of your Soul Family and they are an important part of your self-discovery journey.

6. You feel happy and energized around them

When you meet someone from your Soul Family, you will feel as if all your worries and problems disappeared.

You will have no need to overthink everything in your life because these people will bring you the paz e segurança you long for.

Also, these people will always support you to make the right decisions in life and never judge you when you make wrong choices. They will help you redirect your energy towards learning and growing.

7. They appear when you most need them

abraçar-embraçar-amigosAs already mentioned, members of our Soul Family will always be there when we most necessidade them. They will appear in the situations or parts of life when we feel sad, insecure, broken, or lost.

We may need them to help us and guide us toward the caminho correto. They will help us in the most selfless way and never ask for favors in return.

They may be our friends or family but we will know they are there for us at any time and this will create an even mais forte vínculo.

8. Time passes by quickly with them

Have you ever met a person or a group of people who would make you forget about tempo? You would sit with them and after a few minutes, you would look at your watch only to realize hours have passed by.

It is not uncommon for two people who are from the same Soul Family to feel as if they could talk for hours at a time and never get bored or tired of each other.

This is a sign that you two are ligado by invisible strings that have been there for a long time. You will always want to spend time with these people and choose their companionship over others’.

9. Your soul feels complete with them and you can be yourself

When you are with members of your Soul Family, you will never feel judged ou made fun of for being yourself.

Quite the contrary, you will feel motivated to be true to yourself and to never change – only for the better. When they meet you, they will automatically be drawn to you and this means they will never want to change you.

If you meet someone who appears to be a member of your Soul Family but they are constantly criticizing you or wanting to change you, it is a clear sign that they are não your people.