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Soul Urge Numbers: How to Calculate Them and What They Really Mean

Soul Urge Numbers: How to Calculate Them and What They Really Mean

Everyone wants something. Everyone desires something.

Knowing your Soul Urge Number helps you discover what your heart truly longs for.

Your Soul Number relates to your innermost desires, your biggest dreams and wildest fantasies. It reveals your personality in great depth. So, take the time to calculate your Soul Number, so that you may dive into your heart and expand your self-knowledge.

Soul Urge Numbers are often called Heart’s Desire Numbers, as well. Every number has a different meaning. That’s why it’s crucial that you discover your own. Your Soul Urge Number provides a glimpse into your heart and soul. It unravels your deepest desires.

In the following article, we will go over how to calculate your Soul Urge Number with the help of numerology. Then, we will provide a brief summary of what your Heart’s Desire Number means, how it reflects your personality and how it defines your truest self.

So, let’s get started.

How Do You Calculate Your Soul Urge Number?

To calculate your Soul Urge Number, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Start by writing down your full birth name.
  2. Then, proceed to identify the vowels. (A, E, I, O, U)
  3. After that, assign each vowel its numerology value, as provided in the picture above.
  4. Now you need to add up all the values.
  5. Finally, reduce the result to a single digit. That’s your Soul Urge Number.

Now, let’s go over an example.

  1. Let’s take the name Jane Doe.
  2. First, we identify the vowels. Jane has two vowels: A, E. Doe has two vowels, as well: O, E. Then, we assign a value to every vowel. Consult the picture above.
  3. A and E add up to 6. O and E add up to 11. Now we add the two values and get 17.
  4. Finally, we reduce 17 to a single digit and get the Soul Urge Number 8.

There’s one detail that you have to remember, and that’s the vowel Y.

Y sometimes acts as a consonant, other times as a vowel. As such, take Y into consideration only when it resembles a vowel and ignore it if it resembles a consonant.

If your Soul Number turns out to be 11, 22 or 33, then that’s a Master Number and it doesn’t need to be reduced down. However, Master Numbers remain quite as rare.

So, what exactly do Soul Urge Numbers tell us? Now that you have calculated yours, let’s take a few moments to analyze how your Soul Urge Number defines your heart’s desire.

What Do Soul Urge Numbers Mean?

Having calculated and discovered your Heart’s Desire Number, you must be dying to find out what it means. Before we start examining Soul Numbers one by one, let’s take a brief look at the bigger picture. What secret knowledge do Soul Urge Numbers actually reveal?

Your Heart’s Desire Number defines what fulfills you and what makes you happy.

If you feel confused about your purpose or unsure about your qualities, knowing your Soul Number helps. A Soul Urge Number can be described as an endless pool of self-reflection. The more you gaze into it, the more the fog lifts to reveal the secrets of your true nature.

A Soul Urge Number focuses on the energies within the heart.

It helps you determine your core desires and provides you with the passion to pursue them. Therefore, when you calculate your Soul Number, you begin a beautiful journey of self-discovery that sheds light on your inner workings and opens your eyes to the truth.

Now, let’s take a few moments to examine each and every Soul Number, one by one.

Soul Urge Number 1: The One Who Leads

The Soul Number 1 relates to leadership, self-dependence and authority.

If you have calculated that the Heart’s Desire Number 1 resonates with you, know that you possess the ability of leadership. You stand on your own two feet. You have a vision of the future and a strong desire to realize it, no matter the challenges that stand in your way.

The Soul Number 1 reminds you that you have a responsibility.

The people who follow you look up to you for guidance. So, lead by example. Shield them from harm. Let them spread their wings in the aura of your presence. Guide them, as you guide yourself, towards a future that promises favorable outcomes and progress.

Therefore, as the Soul Urge Number 1, your deepest desire lies in ensuring stability and success for yourself and everyone who respects your leadership and admires your courage.

Soul Urge Number 2: The Sensitive One

The Soul Urge Number 2 enjoys a profound emotional depth.

You feel things intensely. At times, however, your sensitivity may appear like a weakness. That’s why the Soul Number 2 has to learn to control their emotions. Focus on your strengths. Allow your intuitive nature to guide you. It’s what you excel at.

When you calculate that your heart aligns with the Soul Number 2, you have to prepare accordingly. You may have to face more challenges than other Soul Urge Numbers, but don’t let that discourage you. With balance and harmony, your potential unravels.

The Soul Number 2 desires security, stability and connection.

Your empathy allows you to form strong bonds with other people. It’s what inspires you. It’s what fills your soul with fulfillment. So, recognize your strengths and use your inner wisdom. Start uplifting others in a positive way and making meaningful changes.

Soul Urge Number 3: The One Who Spreads Joy

The Soul Urge Number 3 finds joy and positivity everywhere.

You bring color to your surroundings, and that’s why everyone delights in your presence.

Above all else, you have a powerful desire to express yourself. The Soul Number 3 appreciates art and successfully transforms ideas into thought-provoking artforms. As such, you’re likely to find fulfillment as an artist on the path of self-discovery.

If you calculate that the Soul Urge Number 3 belongs to you, it means that you’re always the life of the party. People appreciate you not only for your positive and uplifting energies, but because your soul has nuances that allow for creative pursuits.

As such, your heart’s desire relates to art and beauty in their purest form.

Soul Urge Number 4: The Industrious One

The Soul Urge Number 4 resembles hard work and discipline.

You know how to get things done.

The Soul Number 4 enjoys a realistic vision of the world and works to achieve it by rational means. To some you may appear inflexible, but your practical nature sets you apart. When something needs doing, you’re the first person that everyone thinks of.

So, the Heart’s Desire Number 4 craves stability and success.

You prefer order over chaos. While you may struggle to understand and express emotions, no one can argue against your qualities. So, stay true to your vision. Do what it takes. Find your fulfillment in realizing your goals and working towards achieving your desires.

Soul Urge Number 5: The Fearless One

The Soul Urge Number 5 lives a life full of adventure and excitement.

Therefore, you crave freedom above all else.

For you, it’s important that you separate yourself from people who try to confine you. You deserve to be free, not caged. So, explore the world that calls to you. Travel as much as you can. The more you live your life outside of your comfort zone, the more you grow.

If you have calculated your Soul Number and ended up with the Heart’s Desire Number 3, know that you face the challenge of overcoming your fears. It may at first feel difficult, even impossible, but you have all the courage you need already inside of you. Release it.

Live your life to the fullest so as to fill your heart with wonder.

Soul Urge Number 6: The Caretaker

The Soul Number 6 finds fulfillment and satisfaction in taking care of others.

That means that your heart holds powerful energies. Love keeps you going. You desire to look after others, to take care of them, to love them, to do whatever it takes to ease their burdens and help them rediscover hope. Those in your presence consider you a blessing.

The more you spread love, the more love you find within yourself.

The Soul Urge Number 6 acts compassionately, selflessly and patiently.

As such, you’re likely to discover your purpose in healing work. However, you must be mindful not to neglect your own well-being, too. Aspire for balance and harmony in your life, much the same as you strive to heal the world with your endless selflessness.

Soul Urge Number 7: The Truth-seeker

The Soul Urge Number 7 prioritizes the pursuit of knowledge.

Assuming that you have calculated your vowels correctly and ended up with the Soul Number 7, here’s what you need to know. You have an intense desire to accumulate knowledge. As such, you spend a lot of your time in solitude, studying your thoughts.

The spiritual world fascinates you, but you seek proof. You’re on a mission to find meaning and to answer the questions humanity seeks from its humble beginnings.

The Soul Urge Number 7 encourages the search for truth.

As you piece together the puzzles that fascinate you most, your soul grows more complete, as well. In doing so, you find your own fulfillment and define your life path, too.

Soul Urge Number 8: The One Who Craves Power

The Heart’s Desire Number 8 lives a materialistic lifestyle.

Your heart longs for power and wealth. As such, you face one of the more difficult challenges when it comes to Soul Urge Numbers. You face the challenge of staying modest and humble as your financial wealth piles up and your power grows stronger.

You fulfill your destiny by mastering the material world.

After that, your life changes drastically. You can either end up consumed by greed and temptation, or rise above and use your power to make meaningful changes in the world.

Make sure to maintain balance. The Soul Number 8 thrives in the material world, but your purpose in life involves so much more than material possessions and financial gain.

Soul Urge Number 9: The Healer

The Soul Number 9 desires, above all else, to heal the world.

Your heart finds happiness in serving others. Your generosity knows no bounds. However, the challenge you face lies in balance. Before you begin your service, make sure to heal yourself. Take good care of your own well-being so as to do well unto others.

You see the world differently as opposed to other Soul Urge Numbers. Some remain indifferent to the world’s suffering, but your innermost desire simply can’t be ignored.

The Soul Number 9 unleashes its full potential by working to improve the world. That means practicing love. That means forgiving people for their wrongdoings and showing acceptance where others see differences. It means bringing warmth into a cold world.

So, don’t hesitate to devote yourself to your sacred mission. Widen your perspective and do your part in helping the world heal. In doing so, you discover your completeness.

Soul Urge Number 11: The One Who Sees

Some people calculate their Soul Urge Number and end up with 11, 22 or 33.

In numerology, that’s what we define as Master Numbers. They don’t have to be reduced. They have their own meanings, their own guidance and a source of spiritual power that single digit numbers can’t match. Here’s what the Soul Urge Number 11 means.

If your full birth name produces the Soul Number 11, know that you’re unique.

You’re destined for something more. Unlike other Soul Urge Numbers, you possess greater strengths, but greater weaknesses, too. As such, you have to prioritize balancing and mastering your energies. Otherwise, you may steer off the intended path.

The Soul Urge Number 11 desires enlightenment.

You walk a spiritual path and possess remarkable abilities. You feel things more intensely. Therefore, you’re fully aware that we all share a profound connection, a sense of oneness that holds us all together. You desire to nourish and tend to these sacred bonds.

On your path, you discover fulfillment by illuminating the minds of others. You have a strong sense of morality and justice. Nevertheless, you remain quite forgiving to those who commit wrongdoings. Instead of punishment, you open their eyes to the truth.

Soul Urge Number 22: The Powerful One

The Soul Urge Number 22 holds an immeasurable amount of power.

If you have this number, you’re destined to accomplish incredible things. However, you have to be careful, as well. The Soul Number 22 can change the world in a negative way, too, unless you learn to control and master the powerful energies at your disposal.

Your destiny remains in your hands.

The Soul Urge Number 22 helps you realize your dreams. Deep inside you, you already know what kind of dreams you desire to accomplish. So, don’t hesitate to pursue them. Listen to your intuition and your heart as you set out to leave you mark on the world.

Although your potential remains limitless, there’s no telling how many challenges you have to overcome. Embrace them. Face your fears. Stay true to yourself on your journey.

Soul Urge Number 33: The Teacher

The rarest and most spiritual of them all, the Soul Urge Number 33 aligns itself with individuals who have a huge responsibility to teach, guide and protect others.

As such, the Soul Number 33 relates to the purpose of teaching.

You have access to all kinds of qualities that allow you to influence others in a positive way. Whenever you illuminate another soul, your own power grows. The more peace and harmony you inspire in the world, the more your heart delights in pure fulfillment.

You see beauty everywhere. You see potential where others see none. Therefore, you’re destined to spend a lot of your time dealing with broken people. Know that you’re capable of helping them rediscover hope. Know that you can help return them to the right path.

Although you have big shoes to fill, it’s nothing that you can’t manage.

Trust yourself that you’re capable of rising to your full potential.

In Conclusion

When you identify your Soul Number, your whole life changes.

You begin to understand yourself more clearly.

So, take the time to calculate your Soul Urge Number with the instructions provided at the start of the article, and to discover your deepest desires. Learn the secrets of your heart so as to familiarize yourself with your innermost passions. Expand your self-knowledge.

Knowing your Soul Number helps you make the right decisions. It reveals a path towards a promising future, a future that makes you happy, a future that fulfills your soul.