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Angel Number 144 Meaning: It’s Never Too Late To Go After Your Dreams !

Angel Number 144 Meaning: It’s Never Too Late To Go After Your Dreams !

Angel number 144 meaning – Your life lately has been unfortunately characterized by a sort of uneventfulness, which made it boring for you. Not only was it no eventful, it became reduced to total stagnancy, and turned into something almost ritualistic.

Every day you would do the same things, and every day has become completely predictable. And in that mundane daily  reality of yours, few things progressed or changed.

But no matter how hard you would try you could not break through this mundanity, and things continued on, always the same.

Then suddenly, in the middle of your normal predictable life, something strange started occuring. You began noticing a peculiar series of numbers appear wherever you would happen to look. Number 144.

Whether on book pages, walls, electronic devices or completely random locations. And you started wondering, if perhaps there some reason for it’s appearance, and if maybe perhaps there was some kind of a hidden message to be discerned in it.

Well, your hunch was indeed correct, and this numebr is no insignificant little number like any other. This is something far more important. It is what we in numerology call an angel number.

This sort of angel number represents a message that the universe sends to us in our moments of hardship, confusion or stagnancy, to help us get through our crisis and finalyl move forward in life.

It has recognized that you too are in need of some guidance, and that is why it has started sending you this message (this number).

However, given that it is  evident what it’s meaning is, it’s message can only be decoded and interpreted by experts, such as ourselves.

Which is why you have done the right thing in coming to us for your answers.

Here, in this article, we will try to explain to you what the exact symbolism behind angel number 144 is, as well as how it relates to you and to your future.

The meaning of angel number 144


Angel number is both a prophecy regarding what you can expect to happen in your future, aas well as a message that contains useful advice for you.

The first among these advices, is that you must try to remove whatever there is in your life, that is currently holding you back. That is, whatever negative habits of thinking or behaviour there are, which are preventing you from realizing your full potential.

However, the biggest one among these is your own negative thinking. For some reason, you have these extremely strong tendency to always lok down upon yourself, to overly critize no matter what you do or achieve.

Instead of being your own biggest cheerleader and supporter, you turn against yourself and find ways to bellitle and to discredit all of your own accomplishments.

But if you want to be happy, and progress in your life, you have to unlearn this toxic habit of yours and you need to overcome your inner sabboteur.

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The message of angel number 144


Angel numebr 144 is also letting you know that you should not focus too much on just a single aspect of your life. Most of us have the wrong idea that a succesful career is sufficient all on it’s own to make us happy.

However, a truly fulfilling existence requires far more than just that. It takes love, friends, a caring family etc. to make a person feel truly satisfied.

You are not a robot to just devote all of your time only on your profesional life, and as a human being you need affection, relationships and love as well.

So take care that you don’t direct all of your efforts in one single direction, because a one sided life is an incomplete one, and a recipe for feeling miserable.

Instead, always strive towards balance, and try building a lifestyle that will encompass all of the various/different aspects of life, whether it be the professional, romantic or social side of it, without neglecting a single one.

The hidden message of angel number 144


But success does not come to those who don’t work for it. And certainly not to those who are unwilling to risk comfort, or anything else of their, to achieve it.

Success comes only to those who are willing to take risks, and to courageously move forward towards their future, without hesitation or fear of failure.

So if you want to progress as a person, to grow, you musn’t avoid challenges and obstacles, because they might bring you into discomfort and unpleasent situations. If you want to sweet you will have to accepts the sour as well.

And the road towards the stars is a thorny one.

For exambple, if you want to achieve something more in the place where you work, you cannot avoid or shirk additional responsibilities.

On the contrary, you should step out of comfort zone and take on more the most challeninging tasks and projects at work, if you want to prove you mettle, attract the notice of your superiors and gain their recognition as well as earn that promotion your desire.

And yes this will mean more stress, this will mean putting yourself in the line of fire, but there is no other way to achieve greatness.

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 144  ?


You have to have some kind of a purpose to guide you, if your life is to have structure and motivation. If that is missing from it, than it will quickly become reduced to nothing more than a routine. It will turn into a pointless every day repetition of mundane activities.

So in order to avoid that, you have to have something towards which  you will aspire. And not just banal goals like acquiring wealth, or more possesions. Rather, it has to be something truly meaningful.

This, however, doesn’t need to be something grandiouse , and it could be sometihng as humble as being a good parent to your child, or well accomplished as an expernt in your field of work, but it also does not exclude bigger ambitions as well if you have those, and have the capacity to realize them.

The important thing is for you to have something that will give you a reason to get out of bed every morning. Because without some kind of a purpose, life is nothing more than a meaningless jumble of experiences.

The symbolism of angel number 144


Our happiness, however, does not just come from without, from external stimuli.

It is also dependent on our own inner state of being, and no matter what amount of wealth or prosperity we might acquire in life, if we neglect to cultivate our mind and our spirituality, our lives remain poor even amidst splendor.

So if you want to be truly happy, you have to devote more of your time towards cultivating your inner capacities, mental faculties, as well as nurture your spirituality.

The best way to do this, is to make room each day for some kind of intellectually stimulating or spiritually rewarding activity, which could help you bring out and evolve your personal potential.

This could be either reading, meditating, pursuing an artistic hobby or whatever else could help you practice and perfect your mind, and enrich your emotional experience.

And little by littel, by practicing this on a regular basis, you will accumulate a real treasure store of spiritual and intellectual wealth, that will be a very strong resource for you in life, given you greater competency and ability to achieve ever more impressive ambitions and goals.

The meaning of angel number 144 in numerology


Angel number 144 is, in numerology, considered to be a very important and powerful number, capable of influencing the life of whatever person is happy enough to receive it.

Since, however, it is a highly complex one, here in this chapter we will have to delve a little deeper into it, in order to fully undertand what it’s meaning is, and hwo it relates to you and to your future.

Let’s begin…

When we look at angel number 144, the first number we see is angel number 1.

Angel number 1, in numerology, usually symbolizes new beginnings and personal growth. It’s appearance signifies that your life is entering a turbulent but also a very exciting period, which will be characterized by amazing new opportunities for personal self assertion and growth.

It will be a truly amazing time for you, and if you act wisely and make the maximum use of these opportunities that you recieve, you will go far, and reach new pinnacles of success and happiness.

The next number we see, is angel number 4. This number, on the other hand (in numerology) usually symbolizes support and stability.

In other words, it signifies that things in your life are finally about to fall in to place, and all of that old insecurity will be gone, and everything will brought into order.

And this truly means eveytihng. Whether we are talking about your romantic, social, professional life or finacnial circumstances. All of these will imporove for you, and you will be released from a lot of stress that you are now under.

Combined together, these numbers give us angel number 144, which is a sign that you are generally heading in th right direction, and that you future will be overwhelmingly marked by positive experiences, as well as personal accomplishments.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 144


Being a hard worker, ofcourse, is a very comemndable trait to have, and without a lot of effort and a lot of perseverance nothing of note can be achieved.

Still, you have to be careful not to push yourself too hard. Because every virtue, when it is practiced to excess, can turn into it’s opposite, vice.

So, after a hard days work, you should always make room during the day for rest and relaxation of some sort. You have to give yourself time for recuperation, and to recover from your exhaustion.

Otherwise, you will very quickly burn out, and then all of that hard work you have invested will come to naught.

The meaning of angel number 144 in love


People under the protection of this number, tend to be ver ysensitive and vulnerable individuals.

This means, that they ascribe exagarated inportance to every thing that ther lover says or does, and if it is not perfectly in accordance with what they expect to receive from them, they very quickly get hurt.

This sort of sensitivity and emotionality, although a sign of their deeply affectionate and caring natures, can sometimes get in the way of building a stable and succesful relationship.

If this desrcibes you, than angel number 144, is a message that you should try to be become a little more resilient, to grow a thicker skin. Don’t take it so seriously if your partner sometimes says or does something wrong. It does not necessarily mean that they were trying to hurt you.

They might just be in a bad mood, or perhaps they don’t display their love as openly as you do, although there is no doubt that they love you.

Accept the fact that they are not perfect, and deal with those imperfecitons patiently, if oyu cannot help them to grow out of them.

On the other hand, if you are still single, angel number 144 signifies that you are soon about to meet the soul mate you have been looking for, and someone who will finally fulfill all of your long held romantic (love) dreams and fantasies.

The meaning of angel number 144 in break up

Unfortunately, recently you and your (love) partner did not get along so well. It was a time of great strife in your (love) relationship, and after a series of disagreements and arguments, you eventually decided to break up.

Now you are unsure what to expect next, and whether or not there is any hope of oyu two ever reuniting again.

Well, rest assured that there is no reason for you to lose hope yet, and that angel number 144 is a sure guarantee that this break up will not last, and that very soon you and your lover will find a way to overcome this and reconcile.

The meaning of angel number 144 in (spiritual) Twin flame


We are probably living in one of the most individualized and lonely civilizations that ever existed in the history of mankind. All of those old communal ties that once connected people together have been broken apart by the progress of modern industrial society.

And so a modern person is largely left to his or her own devices when it comes to surviving in this fast paced modern world, and there are no more clans, extended families or village communities to support him/her.

But that sadly also means that finding friends has become more difficult as well.

Because, in this capitalistic culture, we are now more used to seeing each other as competitors rather than as allies, and people have a hard time trusting others enough to actually be able to establish a strong emotional bond with someone.

So most friendships nowadays tend to be rather superfical affairs, mere distractions from the stress of everyday existence, rather than quality relationships.

However, with enough luck some of us do manage to establish a strong friendship with someone and find a true friend and companion in life. But it takes a lot of this luck, and such a privilege is received by only a rare few.

Fortunately, you are one of these rare privilege few, because receving angel number 144 means that you will most likely very soon going to meet the sort of friend you have been missing so far.

It is a sign/symbolizes that you will soon meet your very own spiritual twin flame.

And as soon as you encounter happens, your relatiosnhip will immediately take root and start blossoming.

So be ready for an amazing new arrival in your life.

The meaning of angel number 144 in (spiritual) Twin flame separation

There has been some seriosu turbulence in your relationships with your (spiritual) twin flame recently. Nothing was gonig the right way, and you have been hitting hurdle after hurdle lately, until it all ended rather sadly, by you two separating.

Still, regardles of how tragic and painful this moment might be for you, there is no reason for you to give up and throw yourself into despair.

There is yet hope, and angel number 144 is a sign/symbolizes that this rift between you will heal eventually, and you will most surely suceed in mending the bonds that were broken.

The meaning of angel number 144 in (spiritual) Twin flame reunion

But you musn’t think, that after your reunification all will be as it was. There will still be a lot of work remaining for you to do, in order to completely fix the damage done to your relationship, by the separation that happened.

You have to be careful to win back each other’s trust, and identify what it was that caused your previous break up, so you can correct those behaviours, and prevent them from destroying your friendship once again.

The meaning of (spiritual) Twin flame message in angel number 144

You and your (spiritual) twin flame will have a very fortunate future together, and this friendsip of yours will help you both grow and evolve into better and more mature individuals.

It will help you learn what it means to truly undertand someone else besides yourself, to see from their point of view, and help you learn how to be less egotistical and less myopic as a person.

This is not meant as a criticism of you, but we all tend to be rather prejudiced and biased in favour of ourselves, and having someone close to you with whom you can emphatize and whom you can understand, will help you release yourself from that bias, and become a more objective and therefore more emotionaly mature individual.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 144 in Twin flame

Life seldom bestows upon us great favors and great privileges without requiring a lot of work and sacrifice from us in return. But this friendship you have now received, is a rare exception to that rule. It is a true blessing, that few other people ever get the chance to ejoy.

So be grateful for it, and do whatever is in your power to make sure it survives and continues on. For if you lose it, there wont be anything worthy enough to replace the loss it leaves behind.

The biblical meaning of angel number 144


“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him.”

Colossians 2:6-7

Sometimes it seems to us  that the world only rewards those who follow a less honest road, and that people of integrity are always at a disadvantage in life. But all of that success that the brutal and the immoral have, is only illusory, and their’s is in the end, always a bitter destiny.

There are no shortcuts to success, and true happiness is open only for those who stay on the road of faith and honesty.

In that sense, angel number 144, in it’s biblical meaning, symbolizes that you are finally about to receive the just reward for all of the hard work and perseverance you have shown so far.

All of the effort you have invested, will pay off, and you will reap a bountiful harvest of prosperity and happiness.



As we have seen, angel number 144, in both it’s worldly and biblical meaning, represents a very positive portent, which signifies that your life is about to enter a very prosperous period.

This will be a time when you will achieve great progress and witness improvement in almost every sphere of your day to day existence, from the romantic to the professional, and nothing in it will remain the same as it was.

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