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10 Things That Bring Negative Energy to Your Bedroom

10 Things That Bring Negative Energy to Your Bedroom

Are you often restless at night? Do you have to do a hundred little obsessive-compulsive things before being able to fall asleep?

And, after all that trouble, do you still wake up exhausted?

If the answer is yes, and there are no medical reasons behind your bad sleep, it could be that your sleeping room is contaminated with negative energy.

Good Sleep Is a Blessing

Our ability to get a quality night’s rest is as important as any of our other physiological needs.

You can eat healthy and you can drink the impossible 8 glasses of water a day.

But despite this, if you can’t get enough sleep, you’re still cursed to go about your day like a zombie.

Good sleep entails being able to fall asleep quickly, sleeping peacefully through the night and waking up rejuvenated.

It’s recommended to sleep anywhere between 7 and 9 hours per night.

Bad Sleep: Is Your Bedroom the Culprit?

If you have the means, likely you’ve furnished your bedroom exactly to your liking.

You bought the best mattress, the anatomic pillow, the prettiest bed linen.

The carpet, the light, the curtains – everything’s vibey and handpicked by you.

So what could you have done sbagliato that disturbs your rest?

These 10 Things Create Negative Energy In Your Bedroom

1. One side of the bed is set against the wall

2. The bed isn’t in the ‘command’ posizione

3. Unsupportive headboard

4. Mirror opposite the bed

5. No barrier between the bed and the door

6. Leaving the lights on

7. Large chandelier in the bedroom

8. Lots of paintings or photos

9. Blue light right before bed

10. Clutter

1. Bed Against the Wall

Whether you share your bedroom with a partner or sleep by yourself, it’s important not to sleep with your bedside against the wall.

There’s a practical and a metaphysical reason behind this.

Falling asleep right next to the wall feels claustrophobic. Subconsciously, the sleeper feels pressured and the quality of their sleep dwindles.

On the other hand, if two people share a bedroom, the one who sleeps to the wall gets the short end of the stick.

Inadvertently, this suggests that they’re less important in the relationship.

Put a nightstand or a flower between the bedside and the wall to create harmony and free space.

2. The Command Position

Home in its entirety represents a safe space

And the bedroom, the place where we go to be completely vulnerable and unaware, ought to feel especially safe.

Sleeping in ‘the command position’ means that the headboard is away from the door.

This is crucial for relaxing because it gives you the ability to see what goes on around you.

If someone enters your bedroom, you’ll be able to spot them immediately, or at the very least, as soon as you wake up.

3. Unsupportive or Dangerous Headboard

Some of us sleep flat on our backs, while others like to elevate their pillow against the headboard.

If the headboard is loose it fails to give sufficient support.

On the other hand, if it’s metal or wired, subconsciously you’ll wonder if you’ll get hurt during the night.

This may also affect your ability to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

4. Mirror Opposite the Bed

This is yet another thing that may invite bad energy into your bedroom for both pratico and superstitious reasons.

Most of us keep our clothes in our bedroom, so we need a mirror there naturally.

Tuttavia, it’s recommended not to place the mirror opposite the bed or the window.

There’s a Practical Reason to Avoid Looking into Your Reflection After Waking Up

The psychological reason behind this is that it might simply frighten voi. You wake up and there’s someone looking at you!

It takes a minute for our brains to get it together after just waking up.

The Ancient Superstition

Now, the mirror has since ever been considered a portal between worlds.

Placing a mirror opposite the window is believed to steal positive energy from you. Instead of you or the bedroom absorbing luce solare, it’s reflected in the mirror.

It’s also a common superstition that a mirror can steal your soul. 

5. Nothing Stands Between the Bed And the Door

Hopefully, you live in a neighborhood that’s safe from break-ins.

However, even if you do, our minds are programmed to expect the worst.

If your bed is easily approachable right from the door, you’re likely to feel exposed. This will cause unconscious stress and invite negative energy.

Make sure there’s some kind of stand or an armchair between your sleeping self and the door.

6. Sleeping With the Big Lights On


Many of us don’t like to sleep in complete darkness.

A small lamp on the other end of the room or a hallway light isn’t likely to disturb your sleep.

But whichever light you leave on, make sure it’s warm.

Ciò significa the yellow light, or better yet, the kind of lamp where you can customize the brightness.

Leaving the big light on, especially if it’s LED, will make you feel stressed and unsafe.

Not only are you feeling exposed when your brain wishes you to be concealed and safe, but it feels like daytime.

7. Large Chandelier Above You

Though they may look aesthetically pleasing, really big chandeliers aren’t meant for the bedroom.

They’re great above the dining table, or in the living room.

But when you lay down to rest, do you really want a heavy chunk of metal looming above you?

Especially when you’re not awake and able to move in case it falls down.

Whether this is likely or not, it will still make you strained and unable to relax.

8. Lots of Artwork In the Bedroom

As teenagers, we develop the habit of shoving anything that represents who we are straight into our bedroom.

Photos, paintings, sculptures, medals – they’re all over our furniture and walls. 

Tuttavia, it is recommended to keep it light.

Actually, it’s recommended to keep only the pictures of yourself and your partner (or whoever shares the room with you) nel effettivo bedroom.

Concerning artwork, it is said that paintings depicting water are especially bad for our sleep.

They may cause subconscious distress, negative feelings or even waking arguments.

9. Tech Right Before Sleep Is a No-No

Whatever anyone may advise, we all spend time on the phone before bed.

In fact, most of us choose to watch a movie diritto before going to sleep.

Aside from radiation, the tech shines a specific type of light that triggers wakeness in us.

It’s the cold, blue light that makes us hyperaware and unconsciously less sleepy.

10. Leaving Clutter In the Bedroom

Every once in a while you get so busy that cleaning is the last thing on your mind.

But try to either make the time to unclutter your bedroom when it gets bad, or simply try not to clutter it in the first place.

Everything from scattered paperwork, tech, work stuff, dirty cups and plates is clutter.

These things loom around you as a constant reminder of everything you must do. Like that, your brain can’t relax and let you sleep.

Besides, sleeping in a clean, breezy room will lift your spirits and promote positive energy.