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Sharing Your Faith – How To Help Others To Believe?

Sharing Your Faith – How To Help Others To Believe?

When you experience a wonder of strong faith, you want to share it with everyone else. You want to help people believe because you know that it will change their life.

However, this can be a hard task, and you should think about your approach if you truly want to share your faith with others.

Faith is unseen but felt, faith is strength when we feel we have none, faith is hope when all seems lost. – Catherine Pulsifer

Faith Should Be Shared

Some people think that it’s unnecessary to share their beliefs, but it’s all about approach.

Being boring, condescending, and aggressive won’t help you to convince others to believe.

But, some ways are less invasive, and nobody will feel persuaded.

Faith is so powerful and rewarding. It can change our lives in it deserves to be shared.

Don’t give up on your good intentions especially if you care about someone deeply.

Every person should see the real magnificence of faith and strong beliefs. Every person should feel all the blessings of this world.

If you can help someone to change their perspective, you should. Keep in mind that you’re not the smarter person, so try to stay grounded.

Try to be understanding because other people will question your statements. Here are some tips that will help other people to believe.

1. Share Your Emotions

Talking about the greatness of faith won’t convince a non-believer to believe unless you share your personal experience.

It’s important to be spontaneous and speak from the heart. You don’t need to prepare a speech.

The other person should feel honesty and emotion in your words. It’s not about telling all the rules and benefits.

Sharing your faith is about sharing your story. This will convince others to join you.

You have to explain your experience and path. Be open and tell them about your doubts, fears, and mistakes.

You have to show people that you’re just a human. They shouldn’t think that you’re a perfect individual who wants to glorify something without a special reason.

Open your soul and show your vulnerability. People who struggle with believing have to feel accepted and understood.

They need to feel good enough to join you on your journey. They don’t want lectures and rules about faith.

They want something real and emotional. So, if you truly want to share your faith with someone, just speak from your heart and don’t hold back with emotions.

2. Don’t Judge & Don’t Argue

If you want to share your faith, it’s important to know that there will be ups and downs.

Some people will laugh at your words. Some people will try to prove something. Some people will question you and humiliate you.

Unfortunately, this happens, but you have to stay grounded and focused.

It’s okay to answer some questions if you know the answer. It’s okay to help someone understand something if they ask, but avoid arguments and discussion.

At the end of the day, people’s beliefs are their private matter. You can’t control anyone and you can’t make them share your beliefs.

Avoiding arguments about faith is not too hard because we all live in a world where there are so many different people.

Something a bit harder is to not judge people. I know that it’s hard to do that because you know what the right thing to do is.

I know that some people are in denial. Their words and actions are wrong, and it seems impossible to ignore them.

Well, you should do that. If you can help and someone wants to accept your help, then do that.

But, it’s not your job to judge. It’s not your job to criticize people.

Stay stable and peaceful, and show the non-believer that faith gives you enough strength to stay silent in certain moments.

3. Be Honest

Many people are willing to deceive and lie to others just because they want them on their side.

Those people like to leave out certain details important to their faith. They also like to exaggerate.

This will drive people away. If you want to share your faith, be honest. Tell people about good and bad experiences.

Explain to them that it’s not always easy. Sometimes it’s hard for everyone.

Show people that they don’t have to be perfect. Show them that it’s not too late to choose something different.

4. Be Patient

Sometimes it feels like everything is pointless. You feel insecure because you can’t show people the beauty of faith.

Some people will never share your beliefs, and that’s something you have to accept.

Some people just need more time. So, don’t be pushy, and don’t chase them.

Give them time to process everything. Give them time to see the truth with their own eyes.

In the meantime, be their friend and supporter. Show them that you’re a good person.

This will also help them to understand that faith lives in amazing people.

5. Have Faith In God

You can do so many things, but sometimes they won’t work. Maybe it’s not time for some people to open their eyes.

Maybe it’s not time for you to get through someone. It’s important to stay calm and hopeful.

You have to believe in God’s power and decisions. You have to believe that he will help you to help others.

You also have to rely on Him when he drives you away from some people.

Don’t pressure anything, and have faith in yourself and others. If you truly believe that someone will find their path, they will.

It’s all about the right moment. Timing is everything. God will enlighten them when their time comes.

In the meantime, be yourself and try to convince others to follow your path without feeling any negative emotions.

Be positive, patient, and understanding and you will succeed. God will help you someday, but you have to stay in your lane.