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Il potere di Venere: Il culto attraverso lo stile di vita

The Power of Venus: Worship Through Lifestyle

Everyone who is at all interested in Astrology is familiar with the concept of planetary influence.

Not only do we have different planets ruling different points in our birth chart, but we also have different signs of the zodiac associated with the planets, too.

Venus affects mainly our love life, Mercury the way we communicate, Mars the way we express anger, and so on.

Throughout the year, planets go into retrograde, which you must at least know from memes if not from astrological research.

Venus, the Earth’s Sister

Out of all the planets in our solar system, Venus’s orbit is the closest to Earth’s. Also, it’s similar to Earth in size and proximity to the Sun.

In retrograde, Venus is slow. Hence, Venus Retrograde happens only two or three times a year.

The planet has a thick atmosphere that creates a greenhouse effect and traps heat. Therefore, its surface is extremely hot, characterized by volcanic rocks and flowing lava.

Because it’s so close to our planet, it appears to us as a bright star we may glimpse early in the morning or at night.

The Love Goddess

The planet Venus got its name after the Roman goddess, or as she’s known in Greek mythology, Aphrodite.

The rule of romantic love is what we tend to mostly associate with this deity, though there is a lot more to it.

Aside from love and passion, Venus governs beauty and charm, as well as fertility, both in humans and in nature.

She’s the goddess of good fortune, abundance and transformation.

Being related to the cycles of life, death and rebirth, she’s above all an agricultural deity.

The Birth of Venus 


The myth of Venus’s birth has been incredibly popularized thanks to Sandro Botticelli’s Renaissance masterpiece, ‘Birth of Venus’ (1485. or 1486).

The goddess is shown emerging from a sea shell, born of the sea foam.

The painting was inspired by the myth of Venus emerging from the waves after her mother, goddess Juno, threw a golden apple into the sea.

Venus In Astrology


Jupiter, Venus and the Sun are considered the most beneficial planets in our natal chart. 

Venus plays an important role in shaping our personalities, relationships and attitude

This planet affects all that has got to do with romantic love. From attraction, values, relationship behavior, cooperation and sensuality.

On the other hand, Venus is the planet of symmetry, balance and health.

It affects not only the way we look and how physically attractive we tend to be but also the inner balance and wellness.  

Our natural fascino and proneness to success are also highly affected by this planet.

Venus Affects Us, But Can We Affect Her?

It’s very well known that the ancient peoples developed all sorts of practices meant to appease and ‘bribe’ their gods.

We should look beyond the planet Venus and at the goddess since the goddess is ultimately what the planet represents.

If we were to practice small rituals and nourish the parts of us that Venus governs, could we attain her favor?

No matter how beneficial her influence in the natal chart may be, there are times such as retrograde and moments of stress in our own lives.

In such moments, we feel far from beautiful, balanced or charming.

Not to mention, Venus moves very slowly in retrograde, which has the potential to mess us up.

Incorporate These Practices Into Your Lifestyle to Gain Her Favor

We’re talking about lifestyle here, hence all the practices mentioned are everyday, simple things anyone can do.

You don’t need an altar, and you don’t need incantations – unless you choose to include them. In which case, more power to you.

At last, if you wish to call upon the blessings of Venus, try to do the following:

1. Spread love

2. Beautify yourself

3. Practice art

4. Care for your health

Love Pleases Venus

With love being one of Venus’s trademarks, the goddess is pleased when we spread and harness love.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you must run out and fall in love immediately, and it does not even entail romantic love.

Hence, practicing self-love and being gentle to yourself is one way to very simply worship Venus.

Another is loving your friends and family. You feel love for them, no doubt, but don’t shy away from showing it.

Do things for others, hug them, make them smile, and if possible, by all means, enjoy romantic love as well.

Venus will bless you with great mood, sensuality and irresistible charm.

Your Beauty Honors Venus

Some aspects of Venus are primarily femminile.

Being the goddess of simmetria e bellezza, Venus is sure to appreciate our efforts to make ourselves as beautiful as possible.

This, of course, doesn’t mean we have to make any drastic changes to our bodies.

It merely means cherishing and emphasizing the most beautiful parts of ourselves.

If it’s beautiful eyes, use make-up to make them stand out. If it’s beautiful hands, do your nails. If it’s high cheekbones, blush them.

Skin care, self-care, soothing baths, massages – they are all forms of Venus worship. 

Commemorate her beauty through your own, and she will bless you.

Artistic Effort Has Been a Form of Worship Since the Dawn of Time

Visit any museum or an archeological site. Look at any temple. Listen to any divinely inspired song.

You will find sculptures, buildings and words inspired solely by deities and meant for worship.

Essere the goddess of arts, among other things, Venus’s blessing will find you through your art.

You don’t have to specifically tribute anything to her, simply living artistically and making use of your gift is enough.

Be it singing, painting, sculpture, dancing or anything else.

Cherishing your talents is a sure way to please Venus and invoke her blessing.

Harmony Is Divinely Inspired: Stay Healthy

In a world where it’s often hard not to ingest poison despite our best efforts, it’s a challenge to stay healthy.

With temptation at every corner, and the unhealthiest foods and drinks tasting like heaven, it can be a serious struggle.

Our best bet is to make health our lifestyle. At the same time, it’s a way of honoring Venus.

The goddess of harmony, and outer and inner beauty blesses those who care for themselves and work on their physique.

You’ll Survive the Venus Retrograde And Come Out a Better Person

At the core of all spiritual practices hides cura di sé.

Be it yoga, fasting, dancing in celebration, helping others or meditating, all of them are incredibly beneficial for our health and happiness.

Allo stesso modo, the ultimate goal of Venus worship is caring for ourselves, promoting health, doing things that will make us happy in the long term, and spreading love.