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Why We Push Away Things We Desire The Most & How To Get Them

Why We Push Away Things We Desire The Most & How To Get Them

Frustrated about the fact that what you desire the most is not coming to you? In fact, you feel like it is running away from you?

You are not alone. Most people find themselves in positions where they want something from the bottom of their soul, but the Universe simply doesn’t deliver.

Why does this happen and how can we fix it to eventually get what we want effortlessly?

Why Do Things We Want Run Away From Us?

Having talked to my friend earlier this week about manifestations and desires, I realized that most of the things she deeply wanted, she still hadn’t achieved. That made me question what it is that makes our desires not appear in our lives.

Whether it is a job, body, person, or house that you want, you need to be in a certain mindset to achieve them.

Here are a few things we might subconsciously do that push our desires away from us:

Negative attitude


While trying to manifest your desires, it is important to stay ポジティブ while thinking about them.

Most people get frustrated because their desires are not in their lives yet and it causes negative feelings and depression. These feelings can only push away your desires even further.

Feeling of lack

Negative emotions are strong and they represent the lack.

If you constantly think about how you still haven’t found that perfect job or partner, you will always push that feeling of lack into the Universe, and the Universe will respond with – that’s right – lack.

Be careful how you address the things you desire and how you attract them.


Comparing yourself to others can be quite frustrating and joy-stealing. It is not healthy to think that you are behind just because your friends or family are further away in life from you.

また social media can make it easy to compare our lives to others’ lives. But not everything that shines is gold. Who knows what their life paths are? What lessons have they had to learn or are still learning?

Each person is exactly on time when it comes to life, so, try not to compare yourself with others and enjoy your own journey. If it is not enjoyable, you will make it by manifesting correctly.

Feeling of urgency

If you rush things and you think that what you want should come to you ASAP – it is not how it works. Sometimes your desires will come to you overnight, but sometimes it takes them months/years.

It is important to lie rested knowing that these things are coming at the right time.

Feelings of urgency are just going to push those manifestations away because you are not in a positive and receiving energy.

Not being ready for your desires

Most people talk about their desires and it is obvious that they are not ready for them yet.

For example, a girl may talk about wanting to be a mother and a wife and how her prince charming still hasn’t arrived at her doorstep.

But you know that she is still stuck in a toxic cycle with her ex-boyfriend and that she still has to learn.

The perfect life she envisioned is available to her but not with the person she is still dealing with.

How To Get The Things We Want

So let us examine how we can open ourselves to our desires and actually welcome our desires fast.


It is important to keep a 積極性 towards our manifestations.

Always think about them with care and love. Do not think about how you don’t like seeing happy couples if you are trying to find a perfect partner.

Do not talk bad about skinny people if you are trying to lose weight.

These emotions can be strong and signal to the Universe that you, indeed, want this negative thought.

Switch to the Feeling of Abundance

これは the key to manifest all your desires: Acting as if you already have it. Feel the joy of having your desire as if it was right in front of you.

Live your life as if you already have that dream body, because you know it is coming to you.

This will motivate you to make smarter choices towards your goals and you will achieve them much quicker.

Would a woman who is in a happy relationship cry over not being in a relationship? Of course not. Be what you desire to be and it will come to you.

Focusing on Yourself

If you compare yourself to others and feel left behind, it is a true sign that you need to 再評価する how you see yourself and start working on your self-esteem. It is a long process but it comes with the greatest reward of them all – your happiness.

Go to clubs where they play your music, join a local book club, journal, and go for hikes.

Do anything that brings you joy and you will become a better, more positive version of yourself who doesn’t even think about others.

Take Your Time

You need to realize that every desire comes at the right time. You should not rush yourself to achieve anything too fast.

If you want it to happen fast, it can push your manifestation away because you still haven’t done the needed work in order to receive it.

Do other things that make you happy and your desires will come to you in a heartbeat once you have done the work.

Be Ready For Your Desires

It is important to stay open to your desires. Be ready to receive them by being exactly what you desire to be.

Do not dwell on the past, live in the present moment as if it is already happening to you.

Get rid of all the negativity in your life as it can only push away your dreams from you. Once you open your heart to these feelings, your desires will feel your readiness and your attitude will magnetically draw them to manifest.

What a beautiful life you will live!