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Personal Year Numbers: How To Calculate Your Own And What They Are

Personal Year Numbers: How To Calculate Your Own And What They Are

Personal Year Numbers: Every person has their own special numerological chart and energy, which influences, in a profound and significant way, the course of their lives.

Knowing what these are can help one better predict what direction their journey will take and what events they can expect to unfold in the future.

With such information, an individual can plan and adapt beforehand to the challenges and obstacles that fate throws at them and find a suitable response.

One of such wonderful and useful numerological methods is finding out one’s so-called personal year number. which is identified, in the case of each individual, by taking into consideration the year of their birth and the year that is of concern to them.

Such an apparently simple calculation very often leads to fantastic and very fruitful results and enables us to know what we can await in the coming days. So if you have been thinking about getting into this, rest assured that there is never a wrong time for it.

Push aside all of those objections that someone else might make about this being empty superstition. Numerology is no laughing matter, and it will help you gain profound wisdom as to your future existence.

All you need to do is find out a few simple facts about this, and you too can then use the power this understanding gives you to predict your own prospects in life. which is exactly what we will help you do here.

In other words, here, in this article, we will explain to you what is the best way to calculate your personal year number, as well as enumerate all of the most powerful and important personal years.

How do you calculate your personal year number?


Deducing your personal year number is not a complicated mathematical endeavor but rather a very simple task to undertake. All you have to do is take your birthday, your month of birth, and the present year, for example, the 15th of May 2024, and process them through a very simple equation.

which would look something like this:

15 + 24 + 1 + 3 (these last two numbers representing your birthday and birthmonth) = 43. Then divide the number you get into its separate components and proceed to add them up.  4 + 3 = 7, and you will get your personal year number, 7, in this case.

See, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is apply the same procedure to your specific numbers, and you will find out very quickly what personal year cycle you can expect to unfold during this year, or whatever other year happens to interest you.

Personal Year 1


If, by calculating through this little procedure of ours, you got year 1 as your personal cycle, then know that you are indeedvery fortunate and privileged. Having this particular number means that your next year’s cycle is going to be characterized by wonderful and exciting events.

First and foremost, it signifies that you will enter a period of new beginnings in your life. Many new things will happen, and radical changes will occur that will transform everything irrevocably.

Unfortunately, this is also a period of your journey that will be characterized by much independence, so it could mean that your interpersonal relationships will somewhat worsen. However, the gains will far outweigh the losses.

Whatever goes away will be more than compensated for by the fresh new opportunities you will receive. Nothing will stand in your way, and you will have the chance to finally achieve the sort of happiness you have always wanted for yourself.

Personal Year 2


On the other hand, entering the second year of a life cycle signifies quite the opposite from what the previous one did. It signifies that you will experience a slowdown in your journey and that things are going to stabilize and die down.

This is a time during which excitements of a professional nature are going to be few and where the main focus of your existence will be on relationships. In other words, be ready for a period during which you are going to engage in a lot of emotional work, both with yourself and with others.

A period during which you will have to do a lot of inner reflection and deal with the problems and issues in your friendships that you haven’t had the time to deal with in the past.

Personal Year 3


Having Year 3 as your personal one is a sign that you are about to go through a lot of intellectual ferment. (In numerology, it is a symbol of personal growth and evolution.) Your mind will be more active than ever, and you will generate a lot of new ideas and gain in creative potential.

Still, you have to be careful to use it all up and to direct it into the proper channels. If you don’t give yourself an adequate outlet, the excess energy will only lead you to become irritable and stressed.

However, if you do, then you can expect this to be an era of massive inner and spiritual growth for you. That being said, the best way to ensure that you have an avenue through which you can release your mental energy is by engaging in suitable hobbies and pastimes.

For example, through getting involved in social activities and communicating with other people.

Personal Year 4


Receiving this personal year number could mean that a year cycle is about to open in which there will be a lot of activity for you. which is why it would be smartest for you to build a consistent routine to better handle the amount of work that lies ahead.

During this time, you will have to be particularly careful not to overburden and overexhaust yourself. You will have to be very organized and work smart without letting yourself overstrain your muscles or your nerves.

Only that way will you both survive the stress of it as well as get the most reward out of it all. Also, be very careful about making hasty decisions. This tends to be a period when people become a bit impatient in making choices, simply because there are so many of them to make.

However, you will save yourself a lot of subsequent regret if you remain level-headed and cool through it all. As well as avoid commiting dangerous errors and mistakes.

Personal Year 5


This year cycle in numerology, however, represents everything to do with personal liberation and freeing. All of the burdens and limitations that have characterized your life so far will be gone.

It signifies that old realities of your existence are about to melt away and you are going to start on a radically different chapter of existential adventure. Still, because a lot of changes are going to come your way, you will have to be a bit more flexible.

A rigid attitude to life is not advisable if you are about to enter this cycle, and you will have to break from most of your habits and rules of behavior. In short, it will be quite a dramatic episode of your life, and you can expect a lot of twists and turns to happen. So be ready for it.

Personal Year 6


Year 6 of this series represents that in your near future, the most important aspect and priority of your life will be your family. In other words, your main responsibility will be making sure your loved ones are taken care of.

Plenty of new tasks and obligations will emerge, and your support is going to be needed by a lot of people. However, it will also be a wonderfully rewarding time for you. giving you the opportunity to nurture and strengthen the bond you share with those closest to you.

As well as give you the chance to enrich and improve your own emotional life.

This could also be a time of some drama and excitement. The positive kind, of course. Year 6 is often the year when love is found and when romance flourishes.

Whether you are already engaged in some kind of relationship or are still single, know that with the beginning of this era, your romantic prospects will most definitely improve.

Personal Year 7


In this chapter of your journey, the main part of your experience in life will happen in those inner spheres. In other words, something will occur that will offset a deep emotional and spiritual movement in you and cause you to delve within.

Either as a result of some sort of traumatic change or an emotional upset, it will push you into self-exploration and self-questioning. Nevertheless, although such a process might prove uncomfortable at first, it is going to help you grow and evolve into a higher stage of self-knowledge.

You might even be so lucky as to discover your deeper purpose and finally realize what it is that you really want to do and strive for.

Personal Year 8


Now, year 8 ( in numerology) is a sign that the time has come for you to center your attention on more material matters. There is no more room for irresponsibility and living with your head in the clouds and with this cycle, you are going to have to deal with a lot of financial issues.

Which means that your primary priority is going to be securing your wallet and empowering yourself monetarily. The best way you will be able to do this is by first making sure you are as successful as possible in your job.

Through hard work and perseverance, you will make the capital gains that you need to lay the foundation for a happy and comfortable life.

Rest assured, however, that the opportunities for doing so will not be lacking, and you will have more than enough chances to get your economic situation in order.

Personal Year 9


Year 9 represents the opening of a period during which you are going to finally free yourself from all of those things that have so far been cluttering your life. It will be a time of liberty and freedom, when you will finally get the chance to live the way you want to live and go after your dreams unhindered by your past burdens.

However, this cycle is also going to be a rather exhausting and complicated one. Because, with it, a period of radical and profound reexamination will start that will basically force you to confront and reform many aspects of your existence.

Everything that has up until now obstructed and weighed you down will have to go, and you will have to distance yourself from all of those factors in your life that have not served or are no longer serving a positive role.

In other words, a lot of your past habits, relationships, and priorities will have to be reevaluated and, if necessary, rejected for something better.

What Can Personal Year Numerology Do for You?


Pinpointing your own numerological calendar and determining your own personal year number helps you understand how every facet and aspect of your existence are interconnected.

Life is a complicated matter, and a lot of us are affected by invisible influences that very often escape the notice of our eyes and ears. Therefore, it is only through esoteric sciences that one can really get the full picture as to the course of their personal journey.

Of course, the picture presented to us is never as detailed as we would like it to be. Still, it does give us a precise enough image that helps us know what to expect and adapt ourselves to it accordingly.

In short, finding out your numerology profile is never a waste of time. Nor is it hocus-pocus. On the contrary, it is wonderful and useful knowledge that can be of great use to you.

Helping you to prepare yourself beforehand for challenges to come so that you can make the most of what life has in store for you.



As we have seen, personal year numbers are a very important and fascinating tool to determine one’s own destiny in life. Although, of course, it cannot give us a perfect insight into it, it is a wonderful means to predict what, in general terms, we can expect in our future.

After all, numerology is a wise and ancient science, and unlike any other form of human knowledge, it can provide us with understandings unavailable and unreachable to the human senses.

So, don’t ignore this sphere of understanding. With its assistance, you will be able to gain a better awareness of yourself than through any other channel or method.