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Is Reiki Demonic? – All The Answers You Need

Is Reiki Demonic? – All The Answers You Need

Is Reiki demonic? Well, this is a scary question and requires a simple answer. But, just like with everything else in spirituality, there is no simple, straightforward answer.

It all depends on your beliefs and your religion. This article will give you a few explanations that will help you to figure out the answer for yourself.

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Is Reiki Demonic?

If you want to know is Reiki demonic, you have to ask yourself if are you religious and what your religion is.

There are many religions in this world, and some of them are more flexible than others. The most common religion that marks Reiki as demonic is Christianity.

There are other religions that don’t approve of Reiki, but since Christianity is closest to most of us, let’s focus on this religion.

According to Christianity, Reiki is a demonic practice that will destroy your soul and life. It’s a therapy that will bring you some good things at first, but you will pay for them later.

It’s believed that Reiki is a work of demons. Also, according to Christians the only way to get rid of negative spiritual energy is through prayer and strong faith.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit can save you from your misery. You will get lost if you start with Reiki sessions. A Christian and Reiki treatment doesn’t go together. For Christians, Reiki practitioners are the devil’s helpers.

As you can see, Reiki is demonic in this religion. Some religions approve of it, others don’t. You can’t find the information about it if you want to know more about a specific religion.

At the end of the day, the real question is are you religious? If you’re religious, and you’re devoted to your religious path, it’s better to stay away from Reiki.

Even if it’s not too harmful according to your religion, don’t do it if it’s not 100% approved. You will be confused, and you will feel like you betrayed someone or something. You can help yourself by having a lot of faith.

Of course, you can try to do it, but you have to be sure. You don’t want to lose your identity and faith.

On the other hand, if you’re not religious, and you’re a spiritual individual who likes to take a little bit of every culture and religion, it’s okay to try Reiki energy healing. Even if it doesn’t help you, you will feel enriched.

As you can see, there is no straightforward answer to your question. Is Reiki demonic? For some people and religions, it is. For others, it isn’t. Some cultures believe that Reiki is important and beneficial, and others think that Reiki demons exist.

You’re the one who has to think of an answer. You’re the one who has to make a decision.

Fear Of Reiki Demons

If you’re scared that demonic forces will hurt you if you try Reiki energy healing, then this practice isn’t for you. Your mind is very powerful, and you will create spiritual blockages by being scared and pessimistic.

It’s okay if you’re scared. It’s okay if you can’t stop thinking about the possible demonic properties of Reiki. Sometimes you can’t run away from yourself.

If you want to work on your spiritual side, choose something that seems better to you. Read about other spiritual practices.


Many people are 100% in their choices and they think that Reiki is a good thing. But if you believe in the positive things about Reiki and people around you are judging you, you could experience a lot of issues.

I’m not talking about possible conflicts with others. I’m talking about your confidence, devotion, and faith.

If you believe in something, you have to own up to it. You have to stand up yourself. When you truly believe in a spiritual practice like Reiki, you can’t let others ruin your progress.

Stick to your beliefs and don’t compare yourself to others. We all have our spiritual journeys, and it’s okay if they’re completely different.

Almost every Reiki master had to face some judgments. Some of them even thought about their decision to attend Reiki training. It’s not easy to deal with all these things, but it is what it is.

You have to make sure that you’re doing the right thing for yourself. Your current issue in life will disappear, and you have to think about things that will be a part of your future.

In Conclusion

People who believe in Reiki and Reiki practitioners know that this spiritual method is not accepted by some groups of people. As I’ve mentioned, that’s okay because everybody has the right to choose, including you.

For some people, Reiki is the greatest spiritual practice, and for other people, it’s something that attracts evil forces.

A Christian sees spiritual dangers in Reiki, while a Buddhist thinks that it’s a powerful way to become spiritually enlightened.

If you don’t believe in negative opinions about Reiki, then you should practice Reiki and share Reiki knowledge with people who want to know more. If you believe in the demonic properties of Reiki, then stay away from it. It’s that simple.


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