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Feeling Worse After Reiki – Why Does It Happen?

Feeling Worse After Reiki – Why Does It Happen?

Feeling worse after Reiki happens to many people and it’s quite normal. Reiki is a healing technique, but sometimes it takes some time to see its benefits.

Feeling worse after Reiki is possible, but it shouldn’t stop you from performing or receiving Reiki treatment.

This article will help you to understand why it’s common to feel worse after Reiki. Reiki seems simple, but before you experience everything, it’s good to inform yourself. It’s good to know which types of Reiki there are. This way, your spiritual path will be easier.

Before you start doubting the power of Reiki, you should find answers to questions – can Reiki make you sick? Is Reiki Demonic or Witchcraft? How many Reiki sessions are needed

Feeling Worse After Reiki

Reiki treatment has so many positive benefits, but it’s possible to feel worse after a Reiki session. Can Reiki make you sick? Yes, but for a short period only.

Feeling worse after Reiki is a thing because this energy-healing method is powerful and efficient. When you want to change your energy flow and energy levels, you will feel a lot of changes.

You will feel like something is happening inside your body. You will feel nauseous, confused, and agitated.

People call this state a healing crisis. A healing crisis happens because your body is ready to release negative energy. Your mind is ready to grow positive energy. In some cases, it takes a while to achieve this.

The healing process is complicated and a healing crisis is not very pleasant. But, even though it’s unpleasant, it’s a sign that Reiki therapy is working.

Your body and mind are responding to it. Something is happening and that’s why you’re feeling worse after Reiki. Choosing what to wear for Reiki is also important since clothes can affect your physical state.

Many people think that only the person receiving Reiki treatment can feel negative symptoms, but Reiki practitioners can also feel bad.

Sometimes it’s hard to perform Reiki therapy on someone. It can drain you, and you can feel weak for a while. When you learn Reiki complications, you will understand that this healing method is a complex process.

What To Do When You Feel Sick After Reiki?

Now that you know feeling sick after Reiki is common and normal, you’re probably wondering what to do.

The best thing you can do is to take a break. Don’t force yourself to do something just because you’re eager to see results as soon as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Reiki practitioner or the person receiving Reiki therapy, taking a break is a must.

You need to give yourself some time to rest. You need to process everything that’s happening. Tell yourself that you feel bad because Reiki is working. It’s working and now you have to regain your strength to continue.

If you want more Reiki sessions, you have to recover. Your body and mind are getting rid of negativity, pain, and stress. You’re experiencing spiritual cleansing.

You’re experiencing spiritual transformation. Stay calm and focus, take some time to rest, and get back in the game.

Symptoms of a healing crisis are different, but most people describe them as flu-like symptoms. Self-care is crucial when you experience healing problems.

You have to be gentle to yourself and you have to take it easy. Reiki and similar energy healing methods have a lot of benefits, but good things take time, and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid unwanted symptoms.

Do something that feels relaxing and don’t worry about anything. Find a way to boost your confidence, and you will be ready for a new session in no time.

Don’t get too emotional about it, and try to see it as a good thing for your life. It will get better soon.

Keep in mind that you can’t give up. Your healing crisis is a sign that Reiki is effective, and that’s why you have to continue. You have to keep going. Your spiritual transformation is coming soon, and you’re already experiencing it.

In Conclusion

Reiki is a powerful energy healing method, but it can have some side effects that aren’t permanent. Those side effects are proof that Reiki is working.

Feeling sick after Reiki can happen to everyone, including the Reiki master. It’s something that can’t be controlled, and it’s essential to give yourself some time to rest.

Since feeling sick is a confirmation that Reiki is working, it’s important to believe that every Reiki healing session will give you some good results.

Reiki is not for everyone, because a lot of people don’t believe in it. People who don’t believe in it won’t notice a lot of changes. People who believe that spiritual transition is possible will experience every phase of this healing process.

If you want to benefit from Reiki energy healing, you have to be devoted and serious. This is not a game.

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