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Signs a Scorpio Man Is Fighting His Feelings for You

Signs a Scorpio Man Is Fighting His Feelings for You

What are the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you?

There are quite a few of them. On the plus side, they’re easy to spot. Despite their secretive nature, Scorpios are terrible at hiding attraction when you know the signs.

Sometimes they can be hard to read. If you’re confused, you may get the idea of confronting them about their feelings. But that’s usually when they make a U-turn.

A Scorpio man is aloof and withdrawn, but he loves being pursued.

All the signs are there. It’s all about connecting the dots. Even if it turns out that he’s interested in dating you, he probably won’t make the first move, hiding his feelings.

He doesn’t like taking no for an answer. So, he won’t declare his intentions until he’s sure he won’t get hurt. Should you tell him first, then? Let’s try not to get ahead of ourselves.

First, you’ve got to identify the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you.

What Are the Signs a Scorpio Man Is Fighting His Feelings for You?

Astrology can be a helpful tool in examining someone’s personality. Still, no two people are the same. That’s why knowing if someone is interested in you can be instrumental.

All zodiac signs communicate interest and attraction in different ways.

So, what are the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you?

Let’s take a quick look:

  • You may catch him staring at you.
  • He’s hot and cold toward you.
  • He’s jealous and wants you for himself.
  • He’s awkward and nervous around you.
  • He may ignore you to get your attention.
  • He prefers to talk to you in a private setting.
  • He may open up and show vulnerability.
  • He’s uneasy if you bring up your emotions.
  • He shows that he cares through action.
  • You may sense a lot of pent-up sexual tension.

You don’t have to notice every sign. Even if there are just a few, you may want to explore your attraction more closely. Scorpios are mysterious. So, it won’t be a walk in the park.

Still, if you know what you’re looking for, that’s half the work done.

Let’s dive into these signs and explore them more thoroughly.

You May Catch Him Staring at You

Stealing glances and looking at you from across the room, you may feel his gaze scorched into your back. He thinks you’re beautiful, but he avoids eye contact. Still, you can feel it.

When your intuition flares up, it’s likely telling you that you’ve got his attention from across the room. Turn around quickly, and you can catch him clumsily averting his gaze.

Let’s face it. We all do it. We steal glances at other people and admire them, especially if interested in them. It’s just that Scorpio men do it more often and rarely meet your gaze. Try catching him in the act once or twice, but don’t overdo it.

You don’t want to let him know that you’re onto him. This may discourage him and cause him to change his mind. He won’t outright suppress his feelings, but he’ll be more careful next time.

There are many signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you. But if he’s constantly looking at you, he finds you attractive. He’s sizing you up and fantasizing about you. Still, men are visual creatures. Regardless of their zodiac signs, they could be just eying you because you’re attractive.

It’s just that well-mannered men are more subtle about it.

So, try not to read into it too much unless you spot a pattern or a string of signs.

He’s Hot and Cold Toward You

Now, this can be a frustrating sign. One day he answers your texts instantly, and the next day it takes him hours in between. It can feel like he’s driving you up the wall on purpose. He likes you in one moment and shows no interest in you in the next.

This can be confusing, but it’s only because he’s confused about his emotions.

On the one hand, he’s driven toward you and wants to explore your connection. On the other hand, he may be fresh out of a relationship or struggling to stabilize his feelings. This can result in an up-and-down relationship, a rollercoaster of emotions.

Some Scorpio men like to play games, too. He’ll probably test the field first. As we said, a Scorpio man doesn’t want to get hurt. He needs to make sure you’re on the same page.

This can happen if he’s not sure how you’re feeling or if you like him. You may want to reflect his interest subtly to see his reaction. If he continues with the mind games, abort. You’re a strong woman, and you shouldn’t want to waste your time.

Still, some playful back-and-forth can be fun and exciting as long as you both enjoy it and have an end goal in mind. That’s why his hot and cold attitude can indicate he likes you.

He’s Jealous and Wants You for Himself

A Scorpio man is jealous and more possessive than other zodiac signs.

Even if you’re not in a relationship, seeing you around other men kills him. Still, he’ll do his best to hide it. But you may see him make a sudden escape when jealousy creeps in. Dominant and territorial, he wants you for himself.

Now, it’s essential you set boundaries right from the get-go. A little bit of jealousy can be endearing, but Scorpio men can get intense. You want to prevent that from happening. This can become an even bigger problem if he’s an Aries and Scorpio combination.

Of course, it’s not your obligation to tend to his feelings. Nevertheless, this can help you find out if he cares about you. The last thing he wants is to lose control of his emotions.

Jealousy isn’t an easy thing to deal with. It can ruin relationships before they even have a chance to bloom. Make sure to stand up for yourself if his jealousy worsens.

He doesn’t like to be ruled by his feelings. So, if he wants you, he will slip away when he senses that he’s losing control. See if he’s acting weird when you’re talking to other guys.

Don’t confront him about it because he’s going to deny it. He doesn’t want you to know how much he cares. So, what should you do? Well, that decision is ultimately up to you.

You shouldn’t be forced to stop talking to your guy friends just because of him. That’s why it’s crucial to state clearly that you won’t change your habits or lifestyle for him. Still, jealousy is a part of the Scorpio package.

You know what you’re getting into.

He’s Awkward and Nervous Around You

One of the most transparent signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you is that he’s awkward in your presence. Your beauty throws him off. Plus, his emotions perplex him. Maybe he stumbles over his words or gets ahead of himself.

Either way, he seems to lack confidence when talking to you. He’s wary not to make mistakes or say the wrong things.

This won’t last, however. It’s just the nerves getting to him. As soon as he’s comfortable around you, you will get your classic Scorpio experience, and he will restore confidence.

There are quite a few signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you, but some are easier to distinguish than others. Listen to your intuition when he’s not his usual self. He’s placing you on a pedestal and tiptoeing around his emotions.

Scorpio men are usually reserved, not shy. They don’t mind being direct when they have to. So, what makes him so withdrawn? Well, it’s clear. He has strong feelings toward you.

If you’re interested in him, tell him subtly you think his awkwardness is cute. Try not to point it out directly, though. No one wants to feel that way. So, be gentle and patient. It may take some time until he’s ready to express his emotions.

Maybe he’s overcoming his past or dealing with his Chiron in Scorpio wound.

He May Ignore You To Get Your Attention

It’s the oldest trick in the book. Men resort to ignoring women, thinking that this will make them more interested in them. When exercised correctly, it can work quite well.

However, most men have it backward. It’s not the ignoring part that matters. When it’s done deliberately by a needy, manipulative man, it’s clear as day what he’s trying to do. Women can smell desperation from miles away.

But if a man is desirable, happy with his life, and enjoys attention from other women, that’s a different story.

What about a Scorpio man, though? Why does he ignore you?

Well, it’s likely not about you at all. He’s still struggling with his emotions. So, he ignores you because he wants to focus on improving himself until he’s ready for a relationship. He may use this trick if he gets jealous when you’re around other guys, though.

He tells you he doesn’t like it by giving you the silent treatment. How you respond to that is up to you. Trust your intuition. Despite his secretive, stoic nature, he’s sensitive. Think of it like a defense mechanism.

Sure, it can be frustrating, but it’s ingrained in their soul. Does that excuse the behavior? Well, it depends on how you perceive the behavior.

Either way, if a Scorpio man is ignoring you purposefully, it can be a sign of interest.

However, try to get to the bottom of the issue. Maybe you’ve offended him in some way. Or perhaps he’s playing some of his mind games. You’re dealing with a Scorpio, after all.

There are many signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you, and some, like this one, can be annoying. Still, this is all on him. So, give him time and space to work it out.

He Prefers To Talk to You in a Private Setting

A Scorpio man walks a fine line between an extrovert and an introvert. Sometimes he’s the life of the party. Other times you can’t even get him to respond to a text message.

You never really know what you’re going to get. He doesn’t want to be predictable.

Talk to him one-on-one if you want to get to know a Scorpio man.

He’s more likely to open up when there’s no one around. This can be an excellent opportunity to get to know each other. Plus, you can figure out if you’re compatible by being together.

Every Scorpio likes to engage in one-on-one conversations, especially if his social battery is drained. So, if you’re feeling up to it, get him away from the group. See how he reacts.

When you’re alone, he won’t be as guarded as usual. Still, don’t try to force him to open up. You can’t make a Scorpio man confess his feelings. He needs to decide that himself. Enjoy his company and see if there’s a spark worth exploring.

These moments when you’re alone can be detrimental to finding out whether a Scorpio man likes you. Plus, if he’s insistent on being alone with you, that’s an unmistakable sign.

There are many signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you, but if he’s giving you hints to get away from your friends and go somewhere private, he could be ready to tell you.

He May Open Up and Show Vulnerability

If you know a Scorpio man, you know he’s cautious about his feelings. He rarely opens up to share personal information. So, when he does show vulnerability, it means a lot. It’s one of the most evident signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you.

He may seem emotionally unavailable at first. However, as your relationship unfolds, little by little, the pieces come together. Some of his emotions come across as intense, though.

Therefore, if he’s hiding his feelings, it means he hasn’t made sense of them yet. This is an even taller ask if he’s got the Sun in the 8th House.

Scorpios fall madly in love. So, they tread very carefully. They don’t want to ruin things by being too intense. Their emotions usually prevent good judgment. Be patient with him. When he crosses that bridge with you, there’s no going back.

He’s putting all cards on the table and trusting you. Even the slightest glimpse into his soul means he cares about you.

You can tell a Scorpio man is into you when he shares his dreams, passions, fears, and ambitions. To him, this is the ultimate act of intimacy. So, reflect kindness and empathy. Let him know that you’re a safe haven for him to pour his heart out.

He’s Uneasy If You Bring up Your Emotions

With a Scorpio guy, you want to take things slow. A relationship can only unfold naturally, step by step. Rushing things may provoke him to back down and withdraw his interest. Don’t jump into intimate conversations the second you start exploring your connection.

A Scorpio man tends to hide his feelings. So, he likely expects the same from you. Take it slow. Start from a friendship and work your way from there. Get to know each other.

Before you enter a relationship, a Scorpio man will take his time navigating his feelings and ensuring he’s ready. So, be patient. Don’t force him to open up and confess to you. He needs to trust you first, and trust is a long-term project built with delicate effort.

However, telling him that he’s adorable or that you find him fascinating may make him uneasy, which is one of the many signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you.

He doesn’t know how to react. It’s like catching him off guard. In all likelihood, he will respond in an awkward, unpredictable way, changing the topic the first chance he gets.

Test the field, but don’t overstay your welcome. You don’t want to scare him. Despite his secretive, aloof nature, a Scorpio man is sensitive and protective of his emotional peace. He may seem withdrawn, especially if he’s a Gemini and Scorpio.

But even the slightest shifts in his emotional world can disrupt his clarity.

So, be careful before you open up and confront him about his feelings. Focus on the journey instead. Enjoy the moments shared and let your connection develop naturally.

He Shows That He Cares Through Action

One of the first signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you is that he shows you he cares through action, not words. He may gift you a thoughtful present or make time for you. This is especially true if he has the Sun in the 5th House to spur his creativity.

However, a Scorpio man is subtle. His actions will be inconspicuous at first.

For example, he may pull out a chair for you. He’s the first in line when you need help but acts like it’s no big deal. Plus, he’s an incredible listener. He remembers every little detail.

When you talk, he never interrupts you. He may not hold eye contact, but you can sense he’s clinging to every word you say. When you have a problem, he comes bearing advice.

Sometimes it’s the little things. Recommend a movie to him. He’ll watch it and discuss it with you later. A Scorpio is the type to act on his words. He means everything he says. So, these gestures of kindness and small acts of compassion won’t go unnoticed.

It’s one of the most evident signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you.

He’s unsure and confused about his emotions. Yet, he goes out of his way to please and make you happy. Observe his actions. As your bond develops, they become less subtle. Eventually, those actions will seep into words, and he will build up the courage to ask you out and confess his feelings.

However, it takes time. So, enjoy the ride until he gets there.

You May Sense a Lot of Pent-up Sexual Tension

Even though a Scorpio man is hiding his emotions, you can’t help but feel a strong attraction between you. It’s outright electric when you’re in the same room together. If a Scorpio man likes you, he will find it challenging to keep his sexual desire a secret.

You may feel his eyes glued to your skin, sharp like daggers, scanning you from head to toe when you’re not looking in his direction. Will he act on it? He likes to take it slow.

The first sign that he’s into you, and that’s putting it mildly, is when you catch his stare, but he doesn’t look away. He holds your gaze, captures it, and drives your heart racing.

The more it lingers, the more confident he grows, teetering on the edge of approaching you. Smile subtly, and he may faint from the pent-up sexual tension.

Plus, this energy accumulates over time. When you finally get there, every touch will feel soul-nourishing, as if struck by lightning. So, don’t rush it. Let the tension build slowly. If you’re a Taurus and Scorpio combination, your sexual energy is through the roof.

Together, you can enjoy an intimate relationship where every gaze, touch, and kiss is a cathartic experience. The more confident you are, the more he will be attracted to you.

How To Tell If He’s Serious About You?

Is he falling in love, or are you misinterpreting the signs? He’s so secretive, so elusive, and interpreting the signs feels like trying to catch lighting in a bottle. How can you tell? Is he serious about you, or is he playing games or maybe trying to take advantage of you?

You probably won’t notice the signs above if he’s interested in pursuing a casual relationship. He doesn’t mind being upfront when he’s not emotionally invested. However, when he starts falling in love, it’s another story entirely.

When a Scorpio man falls in love with you, it’s clear as day. He gets jealous and nervous when he’s around you. He may act like you’re in a relationship even if you’re not dating. If he’s passionate, protective, and focused on you – he’s in love with you.

He’s serious, but he probably won’t let you know immediately. He wants to make sure everything goes smoothly. So, he’ll take his time to figure out how to approach you.

However, the sporadic feelings of a Scorpio man are intense. So, you’re in for a wild ride, especially during the first few months. Be prepared for what you’re getting yourself into.

In Conclusion

Sometimes he’s distant and aloof, and other times compassionate and thoughtful.

Dating a Scorpio man can be frustrating. Is he falling in love, or is he just wasting your time? How can you tell for sure? Well, that’s why recognizing the signs of interest is critical. Yes, he’s secretive about his feelings, but a Scorpio man can be hasty when falling in love.

When you know what you’re looking for, the signs become apparent. Be on the lookout for how Scorpio men hide their feelings. Despite their best efforts, you can sense them.

Sometimes it’s as evident as a display of jealousy. Other times it can be more challenging to spot. Either way, identifying the signs can help you figure out if he’s serious.

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