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Magical Rituals You Can Do At Home For Better Life And Health

Magical Rituals You Can Do At Home For Better Life And Health

Vi sentite stanco every day upon waking up? Or you cannot seem to fall asleep after a long day? You feel your body is exhausted and your life is not as interesting as it was.

Do not worry, there are several magical rituals you can do at home that will help you elevate your physical and mental health.

Importance of Everyday Rituals

Happiness and love is a choice we make every day. In order to make our days feel magical and fulfilled, it is important to introduce small routines that fulfill our body and soul.

I always remember my friend saying how her morning coffee ritual is what keeps her sane while having two toddlers at home.

She says:’ It is the only time I have for myself, and I enjoy every minute of it. I sit alone, sip my coffee, and look through my window. It feels like a meditation. Coffee meditation!’.

For centuries, people relied on rituali to feel a sense of purpose or to manifest things in life.

From small rituals involving water to rituals done in groups, it is believed that they were a very important part of everyday vita.

Even in big religioni, rituals are included in everyday routines. So, how can we use magical rituals in our home to manifest a better life and health?

Everyday Rituals For A Better Life And Health

These rituals can be done by anyone since they are easy and can easily be practiced at casa. If you try them for a week, you will notice a big difference.

1. 7 Splash Cleanse

After waking up in the morning, go to your bathroom, run water until it becomes freddo, and splash your face seven times.

You can repeat positive mantras while doing it. Water is a powerful tool that hydrates our body, and seven is a sacred number that represents seven chakras.

Feel as if you are pulizia all your chakras this way and try to imagine all your problems wash away with the water. Cold water on the face offers a magnificent anti-age effect that you will notice after a few mornings.

2. Make a Power Potion

For some, coffee or tea is the way to start a day. However, coffee is not beneficial and if taken on an empty stomach can cause many health problems.

A ‘power’ drink (also called Jamu) is a much better and più sano option and it is very easy to make. In one big cup, you should mix:

  • Boiling water
  • 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder (organic)
  • Juice from 1 squeezed lemon or lime (if it is a big lemon, use half, if it is a small lime, you may need two)
  • Finally, add 1 dessert spoonful of honey when the water has cooled down to room temperature.

This drink will wake up your body while calming you down. Sounds contradictory, but your body will feel energized as well as relaxed – you simply need to try it.

Turmeric and honey are known to heal any inflammation in your body. While you drink this power potion, repeat your positive affirmations and feel the positive feeling enter your body.

As the drink enters your stomach, feel how it heals your body. It is a powerful yet simple ritual that will be vantaggioso for both you body and soul.

3. Envision Desired Reality Right Before Falling Asleep

Considered one of the most powerful rituals, envisioning your desired reality right before you fall asleep at night is indeed a magical practice.

If you feel stuck with your reality and your manifestation takes ages to come, this ritual might be for you. Wash before bed in warm water, and feel all your negative emotions leave.

You will feel relaxed and ready for sleep. Use essential oils like lavender to help you relax even more. Once you are in bed and the lights are off, envision the life you want to live.

You want that new car – envision already driving it. You want to hear from that person – envision going on vacation with them.

While we are falling asleep, our subconscio mind is beginning to overrule and our thoughts blend with it.

The subconscious mind is what manifests the quickest, so this is a very powerful manifestation ritual.

4. Salt Cleansing

Have you had unexpected visits to your home and you feel like your house is full of unrecognizable energy?

You may have guests who stayed over that you could not wait to leave, so their negativity is still felt in the house.

Or maybe you had an argument with your children and now every time you enter your house, you feel that negativo energy all around.

Salt cleansing is a powerful ritual you can use if you want to cleanse your house from negativity. Simply use a salt bath and let it sit in the air for some time or sprinkle salt all over your house so the negative energy is no longer present.

Also, after you are done with it, you can sprinkle some essential lavender or lemon oil mist around to feel refreshed and embrace your home’s new energy.

5. Crystal Grids

If you have a collection of cristalli and you love how they affect your life, this ritual is for you.

Every morning, after doing your morning routine, arrange your crystals in different geometric patterns in order to amplify their energy.

Once you do this, set intenzioni for the day or the rest of the week. You can even meditate and feel their energy as you manifest or repeat your mantras.

This is a powerful way to attract protection or guidance as well. Your crystals will shine brighter as you feel their energies combined.

6. Candle Ritual

This ritual is one of the simplest ones, yet it is powerful and can bring you all your desires. Before going to sleep, light a candle and say your positive mantras.

Allora, speak into the flame slowly and quietly about everything you desire. Be specific and detailed.

Once you are done, blow the candle out and imagine these wishes traveling to the universe along the smoke.

It is a great way to manifest desires and attrarre good health.

7. Herbal Sachets

If you are someone who loves erbe aromatiche and believes they bring positive energy, this ritual is for you. Use an organic cloth and fill it with herbs such as lavender.

Create a small sachet on which you can write positive affermazioni. Place these sachets under your pillows, your clothes, or on shelves and they will fill your home with a pleasant smell of your desires.

It will be a ritual you can renew monthly, but it will cause you to inconsciamente relax and remain positive.

Have you tried any of these rituals? Do you have any rituals that work for you?